Partner Spotlight: Microsoft


Global software giants Microsoft partner with inriver to help businesses across all industries achieve data-driven sustainability.

Microsoft x inriver: A partnership for sustainability

Watch Nexhi Deti, Industry CTO & Sustainability Strategist at Microsoft explain the role of data in driving sustainability and circularity.

Microsoft is a leading provider of cloud computing services, with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform supporting more than 200 products and cloud-based services designed to help bring new solutions to life and empower organizations to thrive in a changing world.

The inriver platform is part of the Microsoft Azure ecosystem, providing customers with the many in-built advantages of Microsoft Azure, including the scalability, reliability, and agility they need to drive application development and shape business strategies.

By working together, Microsoft and inriver enable businesses to adopt sustainable and circular business practices, adding monetary value without environmental compromise. 

Real-world applications of data-driven sustainability

In this video, Nexhi Deti, Industry CTO and Sustainability Strategist at Microsoft, explains the synergy between digital transformation, data governance, and sustainability. He emphasizes the importance of first understanding your business’s current state by collecting as much data as possible. Then, once the data is collected, AI can provide detailed analysis to create actionable insights. 

Nexhi also discusses the success story of Alfa Laval, a customer of both inriver and Microsoft and a leading global name in heat transfer, separation, and fluid handling technology. By tapping into the data-driven excellence provided by the inriver and Microsoft platforms, Alfa Laval was able to use their data-driven solution to cut their global emission by 2.5% 

Key takeaways

Watch the video to learn more about:

1. Creating value through circularity

Hear how the Microsoft Azure platform helps businesses develop circular business models that benefit both the business and the environment by maintaining products within the circular economy.

2. Achieving data governance with PIM

See why operationalizing a circular business model is only possible through PIM-driven data orchestration, which can streamline processes and ensure data integrity across the entire organization.

3. Leveraging ESG Data to drive value

Understand how utilizing robust ESG reporting data can drive business value through better decision-making that can enhance financial performance and stakeholder trust. 

inriver + Microsoft: The complete solution for data-driven circularity

Are you looking for a comprehensive PIM solution powered by a cloud ecosystem ready to take your business to the next level? Then look no further than the inriver PIM platform, available on Microsoft Azure. The advanced inriver PIM system offers the most complete solution on the market, with API-based syndication and digital shelf analytics integrated to drive your business’s transition towards circularity.

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