Owlstreet Commerce iPaaS


Commerce integration platform built to promote collaboration, transparency, and speed. Provides elegant simplicity to allow teams to work at a business level and reduce time and cost by 80%.

Solution description

Owlstreet is an integration platform (iPaaS) tailored to the digital commerce domain. The trend in technology these days is towards a collection of composable systems tied together to achieve business workflows and automation. Business and technology integration is fraught with challenges, uncertainties, and pitfalls. Owlstreet has set out to address these concerns by bringing the integration function out of deep tech and up to the teams and businesses that need real automation and business results. We elegantly simplify one to many integrations through a data fabric speaking a common language anchored by pre-built/custom-built enablers for many systems. The common language is built on the 7 common commerce workflows including Order Management, Product Information, Pricing Information, Inventory, Shipments, Customer Info, and General Ledger.

Owlstreet Commerce iPaaS, powered by Nexer

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inriver version
Owlstreet Version 2.5 is compatible with any inriver solution running on inriver SaaS.

Richard Catizone (GM of Unified Commerce in NA) – Richard.catizone@nexergroup.com