Modernizing Your Digital Strategy with Product Information Management (PIM)

How can you stop product information turning into one one giant game of “telephone”? Our latest webinar shows you the way.

Many different departments and individuals handle product information across your organization. Unless you have a solution in place that can organize these details and keep the information in one place, it’s like playing the game “telephone” when you were a kid. The information goes in one way and comes out as a very different message.

Avoid the “telephone” conundrum with your product information, watch this webinar to discover:

  • Why product information management is integral to your digital strategy
  • How PIM helps you align your back office (operational) processes with your digital store
  • How you can provide perfect product stories to your retail channels
Keith Klade, Layer One MediaJohan Boström, inRiver
Keith Klade
VP, eCommerce
Layer One Media
Johan Boström
Co-Founder, Evangelist