A manufacturer’s roadmap to modern commerce success


Starting with PIM or commerce? hint: there’s no wrong way


This guide will walk you through how to achieve digital commerce success. Ultimately, it’s critical to have your ecommerce and product information running smoothly – together.

“The only thing constant is change.” We’re all familiar with that quote from the famous Greek philosopher, Heraclitus. And change is constant in the manufacturing industry. Emerging technologies and social trends are requiring the manufacturers to keep up. With these changes, oftentimes competing projects mean competing priorities within the walls of a business. However, with the wealth of online information and customer expectations higher than ever, your products are competing too. And they must be easy to find with accurate information for the smoothest customer journey.

Easier said than done.

As the manufacturing world shifts under B2B expectations that feel more and more B2C every day, it’s critical to streamline processes as marketers are asked to up their customer experience game, while also doing more with less.

Determining the path to build, run & efficiently operate commerce at scale is a challenge, and the question we tackle in this ebook is whether it makes more sense for your company to take a PIM-first approach or an e-commerce first approach. Either way, you’ll want both working in tandem for the ultimate success.

Download this roadmap to learn how ecommerce and PIM are the ultimate power couple needed to generate online revenue at scale.

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