Luminosity inriver Accelerator: Quick Start Program

PIM accelerator

Get started with the inriver solution in less than two months.

Solution Description

Luminos Labs can get you up and running with the inriver solution in less than two months. The Luminosity inriver Accelerator can rapidly organize your product data across systems and sync them with the inriver cloud. Your team will meet with the Luminos team, virtually, to identify success criteria, develop a data model, integrate your systems, and ultimately deliver a working inriver Starting Solution. The implementation process will move even faster if you understand your product data, can easily access your data, and have reliable ERP solution.

Solution highlights

What you get:

Our approach guides you and your team through the following stages:

  1. Uncover known information about your Product Data
  2. Collaborate on exercises designed to create a Marketing Model
  3. Build the starter marketing model setup in the first days
  4. Define workflow and validation needs
  5. Define an inbound integration with your ERP
  6. Build a final working inriver solution with one connector

The Luminosity inriver Accelerator reduces time-to-market and provides additional features for inriver like:

About Luminos Labs

Luminos Labs transforms your digital commerce experience for better customer satisfaction, increased revenue, and reduced costs. With a decade of experience in complex e-commerce platform integrations in B2B, distribution, and omnichannel retail, Luminos Labs focuses on client success. We help our clients and partners by replacing old technology, empowering customers, and improving the organizational adoption of e-commerce solutions.

Partner with Luminos Labs to:

Luminos Labs is an inriver Gold Partner, winner of PIMpoint 2019 North America Partner/Customer Collaboration of the Year with Living Spaces, and winner of Episerver Commerce Partner of the Year 2019.

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