LanguageWire Connector to inriver


With the LanguageWire Connector to inriver, you can translate product information directly from your PIM software.

With the inriver Connector, you can translate product information directly from your PIM software. Order translations with a few clicks and have your content automatically imported back into inriver – ready to publish across all of your channels.

Automate the translation process

You know the drill. The tedious process of localizing your product descriptions. Copying and pasting them from your PIM system into spreadsheets, emailing them to translators, sending the translations for internal review, collecting comments, multiple rounds of updating, and finally copying and pasting the text back into your PIM.

At LanguageWire, part of our role as your language partner is to make the entire translation process headache-free and as smooth as possible. We believe technology should make work easier, and to achieve this, we continuously search for new ways of automating the translation process. And that is why we developed the inriver Connector, a robust integration tool that takes the hassle out of creating multilingual content.

No more copy/paste

The inriver Connector integrates LanguageWire with your inriver PIM. You can then order translations directly from your PIM environment, skipping hours of copy-paste and sending content in insecure emails. Here’s a run-down of some significant benefits to be gained from translation integration and automation with a LanguageWire inriver Connector:

For more information and to see how it works, view the LanguageWire inriver Connector web page.