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June 23, 2021

deliver outstanding experiences

I’m very excited to announce the launch of the new inriver branding and website. We’ve spent months working to create a visual identity that clearly expresses inriver’s values and identity as the “digital-first PIMTM”. The new look and feel is inspired by product information management, how data can be spread, multiplied, and received. How changes in one single source can be synchronized across all channels and create an endless feedback loop that enables ongoing optimization. Welcome to a striking new site that invites you through our own digital front door. A site that’s faster, easier to navigate, and brings our commitment to solving your commerce challenges to life. Our inriver solution is foundational to powering modern commerce solutions because we help our customers to become leaders in the digital markets.

find what you need

We designed our new website for you, to help you easily find your way to the content you need to maximize success for your organization. Whether you’re a manufacturer looking for the best way to launch a digital transformation project in your organization, a retailer struggling with maximizing e-commerce conversion rates, or you’re looking for inspiration in customer case studies and webinars – the team at inriver knows just how important finding the right information can be as you plan your next steps in a digital-first world. 

transform with us

Our new site is a bold departure from what we looked like in the past because we’re looking toward the future. Our new visual identity stands out from other product information management (PIM) solutions just as our next generation digital-first product information management system stands out by offering so much more. With the recent launch of digital shelf analytics (inriver Evaluate) as an integrated part of our solution, we help you, our customers, get to market even faster, and create better buying experiences by leveraging data to optimize content performance in real-time. Competition is fierce today and you need to be able to identify and respond to market and customer demands before they negatively impact your business.

87% of the manufacturers surveyed are facing more competition than a year ago.

inriver research report: driving digital commerce in manufacturing

deliver outstanding experiences

The past year showed just how quickly people and technology need to change and adapt, moving purchases of all kinds from in person to online, from store fronts to cell phones. Consumers changed the way they shop, probably forever. Buyers expect great experiences – no matter where they’re shopping. To create those experiences and build long-lasting customer relationships, you need technology that will help you create and manage content that’s relevant and customized for every channel and every market segment.  

“Retailers that excelled during the significant recent shifts in e-commerce all have one thing in common: embracing rapid experimentation with data and AI. It’s clear that in a post-COVID world, the same holds true. Leveraging AI in tailor-made ways will be essential to remaining competitive in retail.”

TotalRetail: Retailers Need AI to Make E-Commerce Profitable

bringing your vision to life

The inriver team believes in working collaboratively to solve problems asONE. This means as a team we help you, our customers, thrive and grow your business. Together with our strong partner ecosystem, we help you fill the revenue gap. A gap that’s caused by having limits on how to present product stories, when your teams lack guidance on how to best engage buyers, and when it’s impossible for your team to implement changes quickly and easily. With inriver digital-first PIM, you benefit from limitless possibilities in how you want to present your product, the digital speed you need to get to market first, and the engagement intelligence and actionable insights you need to understand how your product information is moving the needle. 

We are committed to you, our customers, and we’re excited to be part of your journey as you deliver new customer experiences. We also want to thank you for being loyal customers and business partners, and appreciate your trust and collaboration every day.

inriver PIM at a glance

transforming inriver

It’s not just a new look for our website – inriver is transforming inside and out. The website’s exciting new look communicates our momentum and growth. It helps tell our expanded story and builds on our diversity and history to deliver the best product experiences for future customers. 

We’re defining what’s next for inriver and PIM as we enter a rapid growth phase. If you want to learn more about our next generation PIM with integrated digital shelf analytics, book a demo with our awesome team. If you want to be part of our team, please check out our job opportunities, and join inriver’s fast-growing global professionals. E-commerce is transforming rapidly, and inriver’s new brand reflects a transformation from a PIM solution to a modern, revenue-driving commerce solution.


Katja Dömer

Chief Marketing Officer

Katja Dömer is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at inriver. She oversees the global marketing organization and is responsible for building the brand and creating customer demand in markets around the world.