Introducing workflows: A better way to work from inriver


April 25, 2024

A successful company is an efficient one. Inriver workflows brings a new level of collaboration across all your PIM-based processes.

The data that supports every product on the market today is growing in volume and maturity, and so are the management processes that operationalize this data into complete and compelling product information.

For most businesses, there are multiple internal—and, sometimes, external—teams involved in the management of this information. This management could include, for example, data enrichment, localization for specific geographies, content personalization, and regulatory compliance.

With so many data-led processes undertaken at any one time, comprehensive oversight and management are key. However, in large enterprises with many internal teams and individuals, achieving the right level of oversight can be a challenge. That’s why inriver has developed workflows, an innovative new feature in our platform.

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Workflows is here

Workflows is a brand-new feature of the inriver platform that will revolutionize the way inriver customers configure their internal operations, making it easier than ever to orchestrate cross-departmental assignments and activities.

Workflows will also empower more individuals across the organization to access the true potential of the inriver platform. Users will be able to contribute to enriching product data held within the centralized inriver PIM product without the need for specialist training. This is a significant value-add for our customers, letting them do substantially more with fewer resources.

How does it work?

To enable our customers to get the most out of our latest capabilities, inriver has defined two distinct user categories: Workflow Creators and Workflow Users.

Workflow Creators are our customers’ PIM experts. These experts configure workflows made up of multiple process steps within the product life cycle and could include data onboarding or enrichment, approvals, data syndication, and more. As each company has its own unique needs, workflow creators can configure workflows that match these needs.

Workflow Users are everyone else within our customers’ organization. These users carry out the assignments within the workflows set up by the Workflow Creators. This could include adding or adjusting product descriptions, categorizing content, localizing data, and much more. These users do not require PIM training to be able to contribute to PIM-based workflows.

The added value of inriver workflows

There are several key benefits the new inriver workflows feature brings to our customers, including:

Ready to start your workflows journey?

Want to take your first step towards more efficient workflows and more effective internal strategies? Then you’ll be pleased to know that workflows are now available to all existing inriver customers and included as standard in the core inriver platform for new customers.

Are you an existing customer or partner and want to learn more about this exciting new inriver offering? Speak to your inriver representative today and arrange a guided walk-through with one of our experts.

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