Introducing inriver Trust Center


December 8, 2023

Take your data security to the next level with the inriver Trust Center, a transparent solution to data security needs.

Enterprises of all sizes are increasingly focused on mitigating cybersecurity risk. Product data is mission-critical and among the most precious assets for any commercial organization. It’s essential to work with a PIM vendor you can trust to safeguard those assets and maintain a fully resilient SaaS infrastructure.  

Inriver Trust Center provides proactive transparency and visibility to the security and compliance processes that safeguard customers’ data. This self-service portal gives customers full transparency over inriver’s security posture, processes, and compliance with security standards.  

In today’s increasingly dynamic, interconnected world, the importance of data security has never been higher. According to IBM’s “2023 Cost of Data Breach” report, the global average cost of a data breach is $4.45 million. This stark figure represents a 15% increase over just 3 years. However, this is only a fraction of the overall costs incurred by a company during such a breach. A data breach can mean a halt to all operations. This downtime can also be costly, as can any associated hit to brand reputation.  

With the rising tide of cyber threats, data security is a key challenge for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers. This is heightened by the fact that IBM reports that 82% of breaches involve cloud-stored data. With the average business in 2023 using 254 SaaS applications in its operations, the scale of this challenge facing companies is significant. To secure their data process and avoid the significant costs associated with a data breach, brands, manufacturers, and retailers need to demand airtight data security from their SaaS platforms. 

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Achieving data security in the cloud 

Companies cannot afford to compromise on the security of their data. This includes the business-critical product-related data held in a product information management (PIM) solution. Our customers require transparent data security across even the most complex, interconnected supply chains and processes. That’s why inriver created a self-service portal, available 24/7 that gives customers a full and open view of all the security measures protecting their PIM to fast-track security audits and due diligence: inriver Trust Center 

What does inriver Trust Center offer? 

What are the key benefits of inriver Trust Center? 

inriver Trust Center: A transparent approach to data security 

As businesses of all sizes focus on mitigating cybersecurity risks, inriver Trust Center offers a transparent solution to data security needs. By eliminating the frustrations associated with traditional security processes, it offers a more streamlined approach for everything from procurement to annual audits. 

As part of a comprehensive PIM solution, inriver Trust Center elevates our commitment to providing accessible transparency for all aspects of the modern value chain. Together with API-based syndication, advanced data sharing, and built-in digital shelf analytics, inriver offers the complete solution for brands, manufacturers, and retailers looking to power a complete, secure product journey.

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