How does the UK shop online?

Read our new “Inside the mind of an online shopper” study to find out.


Life on the digital shelf is getting tough for UK brands.

  • Increased competition from home and abroad makes it harder to stand out in the e-commerce marketplace
  • Supply chain disruption is fuelling unpredictability and delays, driving up prices and corporate uncertainty
  • The cost-of-living crisis is hitting consumer confidence, forcing them to buy more selectively

What does this mean for brands selling online? 

To avoid this squeeze on profits, it’s essential that UK brands better understand buyer behaviour to ensure they create a digital shelf that has everything their customers need to buy with confidence.

To help them out, our new Inside the mind of an online shopper report lifts the lid on how the UK shops online. It gives indispensable insight into what UK consumers want to see on the digital shelf, what causes abandoned baskets, and how brands can ensure they give customers exactly what they want at every touchpoint.

Get your copy of the full study:

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