How well do you know your customers?

Read our "Inside the mind of an online shopper" e-commerce study to find out.


Did you know 1 in 5 rate customer reviews as the most important product detail when buying online?

Brands on the digital shelf are feeling the strain like never before.

  • Increased competition means it’s harder than ever to stand out in the e-commerce marketplace
  • Supply chain disruption fuels unpredictability and delays, driving up prices and corporate uncertainty
  • Rocketing living costs are hitting consumer confidence, forcing them to buy more selectively

To beat the strain and succeed in this new reality, brands need to really understand online buyer behavior. How are potential customers searching for products online? What information do they need to see before hitting the buy button? What makes them abandon a shopping cart and go elsewhere?

Our new e-commerce study, Inside the mind of an online shopper, has the answers. It gives brands an indispensable deep dive into online buyer behavior. Based on the responses of 6,000 shoppers across Germany, the UK, and the US, the report is essential reading for brands looking to beat the uncertainty on the digital shelf and give their potential customers exactly what they want.


Begin their buying journey on a brand’s website. Where do the rest start?


Over two-thirds have abandoned a shopping cart and looked elsewhere for one simple reason.


Buy several items to return those they don’t like. But what’s fueling all the other product returns?

There’s one simple solution that can drive performance at every digital shelf touchpoint – and give customers what they want.

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