inriver Syndicate Plus


Inriver Syndicate Plus automates the distribution of product content to hundreds of retail partners, third-party marketplaces, social commerce channels, and more via template or direct API connection.

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At a glance

Inriver Syndicate Plus fast-tracks your product data syndication strategy. By dramatically reducing manual data handling, it enables you to distribute your valuable product information to all your chosen sales channels, including direct connections via API.  

With features that save time and improve data quality, such as AI-powered auto-mapping and pre-flight checks, you can be sure your product information is delivered in a format that meets the requirements of each specific endpoint. These include retailers, marketplaces, and social channels, and also downstream internal and external systems that are increasingly essential for compliance and customer support.  

Get more products to market, faster, and improve time to revenue, even as you cut the time spent managing spreadsheets. 

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