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May 25, 2023

Speed, efficiency, and scale - what the new inriver Syndicate Plus can offer your business.

The number of digital channels B2B and B2C customers use to interact with brands and make purchase decisions is staggering. First, there was the rise of online retailers and marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Alibaba. Next came the emergence of social commerce channels, further expanding the online shopping landscape. Instagram has shoppable posts and Stories, while TikTok comes with viral product recommendations and brand collaborations. These have become powerful avenues for product discovery and purchase. In this ever-evolving and intensely competitive environment, accurate, real-time product information across all endpoints is crucial for brands looking to succeed.

Enterprise brands that are in the process of shifting from unsustainable manual methods of managing product data understand the value of product information management (PIM) solutions. But centralizing and standardizing product information is only the first step. There is a full suite of capabilities needed to meet constantly changing data requirements across hundreds of sales channels. 

Wherever you are on your PIM journey, we challenge you to demand more from your PIM solution. To meet these requirements, you need to distribute high-quality product information to any and all sales endpoints in near real-time. Get inspired by this list of what’s possible when you think bigger about product data syndication—and count on the new inriver Syndicate Plus to deliver on each and every one of these requirements.  

A new breed of PIM solution with future-fit syndication capabilities must offer: 

1. API connectivity 

The biggest retailers, resellers, and marketplace—Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target, Best Buy, Kroger, Wayfair, Walgreens, OTTO,, and Zalando—all accept product data via API. Many more endpoints are moving to APIs in the near future. Your product data syndication solution should enable you to take advantage of these new bi-directional integration methods.  

2. Seamless integration at scale 

To get to market fast, you need to easily add new destinations and categories. That means data mapped, transformed, and distributed to all downstream endpoints in minutes, not days. To do this, you need the flexibility to connect to hundreds of retailers and major marketplaces via templates, flat files, drop locations, or direct API connections. That way, you’ll reach your customers wherever they are shopping. 

3. Built-in AI for intelligent mapping and transformation 

PIM solutions that are not leveraging AI are already behind. You can save time and improve data quality with AI-powered auto-mapping that speeds up data matching for each destination. Reduce duplicate effort through AI-supported mapping inheritance across common template fields. 

4. A hub-and-spoke model for centralized content management 

Your PIM software should minimize listing delays and reduce cycle times. That means having the capabilities you need to manage and distribute product information across multiple channels with a centralized product content hub that pushes to different endpoints. 

5. Streamlined UI and flexible delivery 

PIM should make life easier with screen-based tools for mapping product information to destination requirements across various output formats, including JSON, XML, CSV, and advanced XLS. Seek flexibility to deliver product information to meet your organization’s needs – via API, Email, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, or HTTPS Post. 

6. Data quality checkpoints 

Mapping and syndicating data at scale will inherently cause occasional errors, but your syndication technology should be built to catch errors before they become issues. A future-proof PIM allows users to see a preview of transformed data. This means you can rectify any highlighted endpoint-specific data inconsistencies before submission and use pre-flight checks to ensure content meets destination requirements.  

Discover the difference inriver Syndicate Plus can make

If you can’t rely on these six capabilities in your product data syndication, it may be time to upgrade. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to keep up with your competitors and the rising expectations of today’s omnichannel consumer. 

Feeling motivated to uplevel your businesses’ product data syndication capabilities? Inriver’s Syndicate Plus offers each of these benefits and the support and domain expertise of the inriver team to help your organization get up and running quickly. In today’s era of endless purchase channels, the importance of a robust PIM solution with future-proof syndication capabilities cannot be overstated, and inriver is passionate about helping companies stay competitive in the new age of digital commerce.  

Don’t let outdated syndication methods hinder your business’s growth. Contact inriver today to learn more about how Syndicate Plus can revolutionize your product syndication capabilities, accelerate your time to market, and drive your business forward in the dynamic world of digital commerce. Together, we can unlock new opportunities and help your brand thrive on the digital shelf.  

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