Closing the loop: Why PIM is key to maximizing your SAP investment


June 27, 2024

Andrew Litynskyj, Global Alliance Director for SAP at inriver, breaks down why integrating the inriver PIM is key to maximizing your SAP investment.

SAP is one of the giants of global commerce. Every year, the company’s business network transacts over $5 trillion in commerce in 190 countries, which equates to around 746 million individual B2B transactions over the course of 12 months.  

For customers, SAP offers a true end-to-end enterprise solution: the SAP Customer Experience Platform, a powerful suite of integrated applications encompassing commerce, marketing, sales, and service. However, to truly maximize their SAP investment, a growing number of businesses are turning to the inriver PIM solution

As one of SAP’s global technology partners, inriver can help businesses increase the ROI on their SAP investment by enriching their tech environments with operationalized product data for more effective product journeys. As inriver’s Global Alliance Director for SAP, here’s why I believe only the inriver PIM platform can take your SAP investment to the next level and beyond. 

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1. An integration framework built for success 

First, the inriver integration framework (IFF) is at the heart of what makes our partnerships with SAP so successful. It streamlines and enhances product information management across different platforms. This is all possible thanks to the inriver adapters, which ensure seamless data flows through ready-made mappings that reduce the cost and effort of matching product data from inriver to different enterprise applications. It’s an easy way to slot PIM right into your existing stack without the hassle and disruption. 

The integration between inriver and SAP is designed to be as simple as possible. API-based data onboarding and adapters facilitate the movement of data to different SAP touchpoints, allowing you to adapt quickly to changing market needs and keep product information aligned with your goals. 

2. A single, scalable source of truth 

Within the SAP ecosystem, which can include many different internal systems and software solutions, PIM plays a unique role in centralizing disparate data and transforming it into a single source of truth for external-facing information. PIM does this by enriching raw data into external-ready product information, giving you a repository of the information you need for buying channels.  

However, not all PIM software is built equally. Inriver is the only PIM solution on the market with a dynamically adaptable data model. This means you can modify data structures as your products, categories, or other critical data evolve without needing extensive reconfiguration. This saves you the cost, stress, and downtime that any reconfiguration would require while ensuring your single source of truth remains relevant and reliable no matter how much you modify your data usage or strategy. 

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3. A fully closed-loop solution  

With product data enriched into ready-to-distribute product information, the power of the inriver PIM to drive omnichannel sales strategies become clear. With Syndicate Plus, integrated into the inriver platform, you can syndicate enriched product information to different digital channels and marketplaces. Then, thanks to the Digital Shelf Analytics technology integrated within the inriver platform, you can keep track of how your products perform on these buying channels. 

Taken together, this allows you to base decision-making on data-driven insight while letting you operate with agility. This is what I mean when I speak about PIM-enabled closed-loop evaluation. This closed-loop approach gives you a clear view of any gaps or missed revenue opportunities. You can even leverage AI to continually enhance product descriptions so brand messaging remains consistent and effective across all channels. 

SAP + inriver: Taking your investment further 

The inriver platform centralizes and streamlines product data within your SAP ecosystem, creating a business-critical repository of external-ready product information. By using the inriver PIM solution within your SAP environment, you are not only managing your data more effectively, but you are also using your product stories to attract customers and grow your brand. The inriver PIM bridges the gap between the extensive data collected in the SAP platform and the need for consistent brand messaging across channels. 

This is how the inriver platform unlocks even more value for SAP users. The inriver PIM solution helps you increase the ROI on your SAP investment by making it easier for you to turn the valuable data stored in your SAP ERP solution into a data-driven asset that empowers sales, marketing, and customer service teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences across the entire digital shelf. Tapping into the vast benefits of the inriver platform is quicker, easier, and less disruptive than you may think. Get in touch with me or my team today and see how we can take your SAP investment to the next level.  

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  • Andrew Litynskyj

    Global SAP Alliance Director

    Andrew Litynskyj oversees our key strategic partnership with SAP.

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