inriver announces a host of product innovations at PIMpoint 2024


April 25, 2024

Discover the latest innovations going on at inriver, as we continue to evolve the most complete PIM platform on the market.

How you sell your products is changing all the time. Customers are constantly evolving their tastes and expectations. Marketplaces and third-party channels are forever altering their requirements. Regulations are continually shifting to meet growing demands for traceability, sustainability, and more. As the process of selling products changes, so should the software that supports it.

At inriver, we understand that our customers need the latest technological advancements to ensure they sell their products as effectively and efficiently as possible. That’s why we are constantly innovating the inriver platform to help our users stay on the cutting edge of technology and ahead of the competition.

At PIMpoint 2024, we announced the exciting new innovations that are set to shape our product roadmap over the next six months and beyond. The headline announcements include AI enhancements to our platform and a new workflows feature. However, there are many more innovations in the works, including:

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Enhanced Content 

Enhanced Content is a new API-based syndication tool that will enable brands to distribute rich digital content to marketplaces more effectively and efficiently. This content, such as 360-degree spin photography, video assets, and lifestyle images, has been attributed to drive conversion rate increases of up to 36%. With Enhanced Content inriver users can get this impactful content in front of potential customers more efficiently than before.  

With the new Enhanced Content APIs integrated, inriver Syndicate Plus users are now able to work with the enhanced content modules and templates specified by all major third-party-owned resellers and marketplaces. Thanks to this new capability, Syndicate Plus is now one of the most powerful syndication solutions on the market, helping brands deliver elevated product experiences on the marketplaces that matter. 

Product Data Governance Tools 

Product Data Governance (PDG) Tools is a new product that will transform the way businesses communicate product-related information to consumers and regulators alike. By implementing PDG Tools in their PIM platform, inriver users will be able to create a “self-service” portal for all product-related information, easily accessible through a simple, user-generated QR code.  

Within this self-service portal, businesses will be able to provide SKU-level traceability for all their products, powered by the up-to-the-minute product data held within their inriver PIM platform. This new functionality is designed to support the growing regulatory requirements businesses face, such as the European Union’s Digital Product Passport, which will make this level of traceability a key business imperative over the coming years. 

PDG Tools aims to significantly reduce time and operational costs associated with handling consumer and regulator requests as all relevant information will be simply accessed through a QR code attached to the individual product. Inriver users will be able to trace batches and lots within each SKU. PDG Tools will also enable businesses to achieve regulatory compliance more efficiently, letting them breeze through audits and keep track of regulatory changes, as information only needs to be altered within the centralized inriver dashboard once and then is automatically updated across all self-service portals. 

Expression Engine 

Expression Engine is a new functionality within the inriver PIM that will make it easier for users to automate the processing and creation of product information. This functionality offers a new approach to dynamically calculating and manipulating product data in a way that significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of any go-to-market strategy. 

Content Onboarding 

Content Onboarding is a set of APIs that will standardize inbound integrations for the onboarding of product data to the inriver PIM. The new set of APIs follows on from the success of the inriver Content Delivery API already used in Brand Store and Syndicate Plus to transform every step in the data onboarding process. 

The new APIs break down the onboarding process into five key steps: Landing Area, Field Mapping and Validations, Staging Area, PIM validations, and Import API. These APIs will make it easier than ever to get data into the inriver platform at scale, giving users the ability to ingest millions of SKUs from multiple files simultaneously. This accelerates speed-to-market, reduces costs, and secures automated data quality control. 

The first release of Content Onboarding will be the Import API, the final step of the onboarding process. Future releases will cover the other four steps, helping create the complete, API-based solution for all content onboarding needs.  


Developed following feedback from our global partner community, Augmenta is a new technology platform within the inriver PIM that will optimize how partner- and customer-developed extensions are handled. Augmenta replaces the existing Connect module that currently runs such extensions, elevating how these extensions are managed to maximize the value of this process for users.  

SAP Commerce Cloud Adapter 

The new inriver SAP Commerce Cloud Adapter offers a streamlined solution for synchronizing complete, compelling, and compliant product information that’s been enriched within the inriver PIM across the SAP Commerce Cloud environment. This maximizes the potential reach of the inriver platform and transforms product information into an invaluable strategic asset. 

Thanks to this newly updated adapter, inriver users will enjoy enhanced operational efficiency and significant savings on both costs and time. Indeed, the ability to deploy quickly and easily with a ready-to-go integration based on proven APIs is a substantial value add for SAP Commerce Cloud users who want to grow with a foundation of engaging product information.  

inriver: The PIM that keeps on evolving 

As your products evolve, so should the software that supports them. With these new innovations and enhancements, inriver has further advanced the most complete PIM platform on the market. With integrated API-based syndication and digital shelf analytics, coupled with a fully extensible data model ready to scale with your needs, you can always rely on the inriver platform to make managing product information as seamless and straightforward as possible. 

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