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Increase productivity and reduce costs by streamlining your print activities with inriver Print.

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At a glance

Accessible directly from your inriver dashboard, inriver Print shortens production time, letting you get print assets into the hands of customers faster. Inriver Print easily connects with InDesign, powered by the EasyCatalog plugin, enabling your design talent to access the latest product information right within familiar applications. With our table configurator, even visualizing detailed technical information is simple.

Inriver Print makes producing printed materials fast and easy.

Overcoming today’s challenges

For many, print remains an important channel to distribute product information. For others, the global pandemic has revitalized print as a way to cut through the noise of digital marketing, providing their screen weary customers with a rich, tactile experience of viewing a glossy, beautifully printed catalog.

Whether it’s a large print catalog, specification sheets, in-store promotional assets, or targeted brochures directing customers online to complete their purchases, print projects are labor-intensive and complex to manage. And this is where inriver excels: reducing complexity and eliminating error-prone manual tasks, enabling your design team to focus on the layout of your print work instead of entering and verifying data manually.

Inriver’s Digital-first PIMTM is a multi-tenant SaaS solution that enables organizations to deliver an omnichannel experience, bringing compelling product stories to life across all channels to provide a scalable, friction-free path to purchase. Inriver Print is an optional capability designed to simplify and accelerate the production of your print assets.

Key benefits

  • Accelerate print projects with less customization
  • Deliver consistent, accurate messaging across all your multilingual channels using a single source of truth
  • Speed up production time to minutes, not weeks
  • Create custom catalogs for specific audiences with minimal effort

inriver Print overview

With inriver, as your single source of truth, producing catalogs, product labels, brochures, or data sheets just got easier. Inriver Print frees up your graphic design team from print projects’ time-consuming, manual steps. Instead, the seamless integration means they can work confidently in your existing EasyCatalog and Adobe InDesign® application, using the latest, approved files, images, and data directly from inriver.

Even adding technical information to tables is straightforward, with our Table Configurator. First, select one of the many templates to help you create the formatting that works best, in just a few clicks. Need the catalog in multiple languages? Not a problem. Inriver stores product information in as many languages as you require.

Our intuitive UI means it’s simple to just choose the languages you need and publish. Not only can you reduce the revision reviews, but the extra visualization helps speed up the production process.

the inriver PIM solution

selling more products, optimizing the digital shelf, and scaling to new channels just got easier

One PIM solution with limitless capabilities to solve the challenges that impact digital commerce today. Four areas of focus define where inriver shines.

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