inriver expands AI functionality across the entire data enrichment loop


April 25, 2024

inriver has added to the most complete PIM platform on the market with new AI-powered innovations designed to elevate everyday use cases.

In 2023, inriver launched our new AI-powered product, inriver Inspire. This functionality integrates the power of the ChatGPT generative AI tool with the valuable product-related data held within your inriver PIM solution to provide an innovative way to create engaging product content at scale.  

With AI-powered inriver Inspire, our customers are now able to craft complete, compelling, and compliant product stories at the touch of a button. Users can localize content for every market, optimize product listing pages for SEO, and even write social posts that take their products across new and emerging social media platforms. 

With the power of AI continually evolving, the inriver team is always working hard to integrate new and exciting AI-powered enhancements to the inriver platform. The latest enhancements, announced at PIMpoint 2024, are set to revolutionize the go-to-market strategies of our customers. Here are the exciting new AI enhancements you could soon be enjoying with the inriver platform: 

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Batch Editing 

Cut precious work hours from your go-to-market timeline by streamlining content editing with our new Batch Editing capability. This efficient new feature empowers users to enrich the product data of 100+ products simultaneously within a single view. By working at scale, users can significantly reduce the time needed to get products onto the market, reducing the critically important time-to-value.  

The Batch Editing capability also gives users options for translations into multiple languages, opening up potential new channels and markets that may have otherwise been too resource-heavy to create. Lastly, users can access a new preview and validation feature, ensuring human oversight of all product information before it gets syndicated out across sales channels.  

Custom Prompt Editor 

Personalize your content creation processes with Custom Prompt Editor, a new capability that lets you produce tailored content with a new level of precision. This customizable feature enables users to specify personalized prompts for their content creation processes, providing an easy method of content validation to ensure your product stories always hit the mark. 

Fine Tuning of Large Language Models 

Tailor AI Large Language Models (LLMs) to your unique needs with inriver Inspire’s new Fine Tuning feature. This is now possible by inputting specific types of data to train the model to your specific requirements. This data can then be exported in compatible formats for major AI platforms, including OpenAI, Microsoft Azure Open AI, and Google. This ensures seamless integration and use. 

With this new Fine Tuning feature, inriver users can create and adjust their own fine-tuned AI models, which can then be continuously updated and reintegrated into inriver Inspire. This enhancement not only boosts the inriver PIM’s ability to manage and enrich product information at scale, but also ensures adaptability to your evolving business requirements, keeping your inriver platform efficient and up-to-date.  

inriver: Bringing the power of AI to our PIM users 

As the evolution of artificial intelligence continues at pace, inriver is constantly working to integrate the latest AI-powered capabilities into our PIM platform. With these innovations, inriver has once again shown our commitment to empowering our customers with the power of AI to ensure they can more efficiently create dynamic product stories that make an impact.  

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