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With inriver Media Suite, you have more tools to work with to organize, structure, and edit your product information-related digital assets to create a stellar customer experience. You access enhanced media functionality directly from your inriver dashboard, empowering your team to bring more product lines visually to life across all your touchpoints. Saving you time and money in the process.

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Why are visuals a key component of marketing your product? It’s simple. People’s brains process visual images quicker than text. In fact, 36% of respondents to a recent inriver survey highlighted that images and video are an important kind of product content.

The art of creating an engaging customer experience involves targeted visuals to stimulate your buyers’ imagination and generate an emotional response. So, imagine being able to easily manage and optimize all your digital assets, linking them quickly to the latest, accurate product description across all your channels in just a few clicks. With inriver Media Suite, your teams are more agile, collaborating and making simple edits to stay on top of changing channel demands. So, whether it’s editing an image for Instagram or publishing the correct version of a performance declaration for a local market, everything you need is at your fingertips. Inriver’s Digital-first PIM™ is a multi-tenant SaaS solution that enables organizations to deliver an omnichannel experience, bringing compelling product stories to life across all channels to provide a scalable, friction-free path to purchase.

Inriver Media Suite is an optional component designed to support and accelerate your enrichment process, giving you the confidence to get products to market faster.

inriver Media Suite Overview

Making simple edits quickly without a graphic designer is easy with inriver Media Suite. Your team’s shared folders are accessible directly from the inriver dashboard. Adding assets is straightforward, either upload or drag and drop. If you need to find an asset, use the handy search and filter options. Should you want an overview, you can see all the assets and their metadata.

Changing the background color, cropping, and even adding a watermark or discount stickers, for instance, can all be done from your work area. Want to see the edited version before publishing? No problem. Just click preview in the workspace – no need to download the image. With inriver as your single source of truth, you don’t have to switch systems to link your media asset to the product content. Inriver Enrich and Media Suite are connected, so it’s only a few clicks. Plus, versions of the assets are stored in the shared folders ensuring what you need for the different channels or local markets is close at hand.

inriver Media Suite

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