Inriver media capabilities for retailers and brands


Creating and sharing loads of media and media types across many channels and geographies can be a major headache.

At inriver we understand that seasonality and constant changes to product portfolio can bring a media meltdown to retailers and branded manufacturers.

Creating and sharing loads of media and media types, to be distributed in the many channels and geographies to sell into with many flavors of culture and languages can be a major headache, especially the high seasonality and changes to product with high speed to meet great customer experience expectations.

With inriver Media Suite, retailers and branded manufacturers can:

Coming soon: inriver Media Suite

Inriver media capabilities for retailers and branded manufacturers

Inriver Media Suite gives you have access to everything you need for product information management — from a single dashboard. There is no need to switch between systems. You can access all your capabilities from a unified experience which ensures that you are operating in a single source of truth for your product information.

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