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Streamline your scalability with inriver and the latest generative AI tech from ChatGPT.

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With inriver Inspire, your marketing teams have an innovative new way to create compelling product content. Inriver Inspire integrates the power of the ChatGPT generative AI tool with the valuable data held within your inriver PIM solution. This combines to produce the engaging content your customers are looking for across all channels, markets, and geographies. The AI-powered capability helps you create SEO-optimized descriptions, social posts, keywords, and much more. Free up resources without compromising on oversight thanks to inriver Inspire, the API-based capability that gives more power to you.

overcoming today’s challenges

With more channels in more markets than ever before, your marketers can find it challenging to produce the unique and engaging content needed to meet consumer demands across all touchpoints. This content must be high-quality, accurate, and SEO-optimized for all local search intent while maintaining your brand’s tone of voice across all geographies. To avoid derailing your growth ambitions, you must also produce this content at scale, in various formats, styles, and languages.

To bridge the gap between resources and ambitions, forward-thinking brands and manufacturers are turning to the power of artificial intelligence. Generative AI tools like ChatGPT are helping them reimagine the possibilities of their marketing strategies. However, with the data security concerns open-source tools bring, enterprises are looking for an efficient and secure way to elevate their valuable product information with generative AI tools.

With inriver Inspire, an innovative capability of the composable inriver PIM solution, our customers can leverage the intelligence of generative AI to sell smarter across all their channels, touchpoints, and geographies. By integrating the power of ChatGPT functionality with the inriver PIM’s built-in API-based syndication and digital shelf analytics technology, inriver users benefit from extensive PIM software that brings the value of product information to every touchpoint throughout a product’s journey. Accelerate your time to market, streamline your internal resources, and scale with the flexibility you need – only with inriver Inspire, part of the most complete PIM platform on the market.

inriver Inspire overview

Streamlining your scalability is easier than ever with inriver Inspire. Across all channels, touchpoints, and geographies, inriver Inspire employs the intelligence of ChatGPT to automate your content creation. The data stored in your inriver PIM is the perfect source material for inriver Inspire, allowing you to accelerate your time to market, improve creative efficiency, and take your marketing strategy to the next level. Want to gain a deeper understanding of what the inriver PIM, complete with ChatGPT-powered inriver Inspire can do for your business? Get in touch and book a personalized, guided demo today.

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