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Drive revenue growth and take control of your digital shelf with engagement intelligence and inriver Evaluate.

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With inriver Evaluate, you have data-driven insights about your product information’s performance across all your touchpoints. Through constant, smart monitoring of customer interactions, you see what’s working and what’s not. Clear, actionable guidance helps you drive conversions, grow your revenue, and eliminate the guesswork.

overcoming today’s challenges

Today’s consumers discover, research and shop online. With the global pandemic accelerating e-commerce growth, more businesses have shifted online, giving consumers more choice than ever. Competition is fierce.

Standing out from the crowd means not only having an initial launch of stellar product information, but it is about having a process in place to constantly monitor and iterate on product information to keep pace with the rate of change on the digital shelf. This is where digital shelf management becomes crucial.

Information such as product search ranking, competitor pricing insights, stock levels, and online review listings can make all the difference. This engagement intelligence empowers you to up your game.

Data-driven insights eliminate the guesswork and lets you take control of your digital shelf.

Inriver is a product information management (PIM) solution that closes the loop and creates an iterative process for managing product information. The multitenant SaaS solution helps organizations create world- class product experiences that are contextual and relevant, enabling a scalable, friction-free path to purchase.

inriver Evaluate overview

With inriver Evaluate, our AI-powered smart search technology keeps an eye on how your products are displayed, if you are inspiring your customers and ensures they are converting.

Access your engagement intelligence dashboard directly from inriver – no need to switch between systems. The dashboard gives you graphic visibility and lets you drill down for comprehensive insights. The actionable guidance makes it easy for you to act, ensuring your changes or enhancements hit the mark.

Gain a first-mover advantage by having inriver Evaluate, Enrich, and Syndicate all within the same platform.

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selling more products, optimizing the digital shelf, and scaling to new channels just got easier

One PIM solution with limitless capabilities to solve the challenges that impact digital commerce today. Four areas of focus define where inriver shines.

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