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With inriver Channel Insights, you can experience the power of digital shelf analytics direct from your inriver dashboard. You can quickly see category-level data about how chosen products, including those of your competitors, are performing on a range of e-commerce sites. This valuable insight lets you refine and adapt your content, marketing activities, and syndication strategy to win on the digital shelf.

overcoming today’s challenges

Successful omnichannel commerce requires far more than a one-way push of data to digital channels and marketplaces. Without data-driven insight into how your SKUs appear in relation to the competition on your chosen channels, you’re flying blind.

How can you act on issues with your syndicated products if you don’t know they are out of stock, badly rated, or invisible on a particular channel? How can you capitalize on a rival’s lack of available stock if you don’t realize they’ve sold out? While many brands understand the value of Digital Shelf Analytics (DSA) solutions to solve these challenges, they struggle to justify the cost without hard evidence of the benefits.

Inriver’s Digital-first PIM™ is a multi- tenant, future-proof SaaS solution that lowers the bar to adoption of DSA for your omnichannel strategy. Inriver Channel Insights is a self-service solution that’s automatically available from the inriver dashboard to elevate your PIM experience. The freemium tier includes the ability to track a limited number of products and channels from a pre-defined pool. Additional SKUs and channels can be tracked with the purchase of a premium subscription.

inriver Channel Insights overview

Monitoring how your syndicated products are faring in comparison to competitors is easy with inriver Channel Insights. Select from our pool of pre-scraped products appearing on some of the leading retail channels in each market. All PIM users can automatically see category-level information for these selected products and channels in their inriver dashboard. The number of SKUs and channels you can track simultaneously is limited by your subscription tier. However, your SKU and channel selection can be changed as often as required in just a few steps within the set-up wizard.

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