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Accelerate time to revenue by giving your partners and employees secure, self-service access to your approved product data.

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inriver Brand Store is a centralized and secure solution to the challenges of sharing accurate product information with individuals both inside and outside your enterprise. Share approved data to partners and colleagues quickly and efficiently, for a reduced time to revenue. Easily set up and manage branded, self-service digital storefronts populated with product information and assets needed by your employees and partners. Authorized users can browse the storefronts to preview or download a tailored selection of PIM data plus brochures and other resources. Brand Store’s analytics offer valuable insights into the products and materials that are most in demand.

overcoming today’s challenges

Accurate and timely product information is a vital commodity within every commercial organization. Internally, it’s needed by sales, marketing, compliance, servicing, and support teams as well as for management reporting. External consumers may include franchisees, resellers, integrators, and distributors. Each group typically needs different data per product and prefers to see only the products relevant to their market, business relationship, or area of operation.

Although many organizations are investing in powerful solutions like inriver Syndicate Plus to meet rising market demand for automated data sharing, they still need to share product information with individuals. Typically, these requests are made by email or phone. Information and sales collateral are shared via attachments or links to shared drives and FTP sites. This time-consuming and error- prone approach is frustrating for all. It can also damage confidence in the accuracy or timeliness of the data used. Partners and employees may even resort to external websites like Amazon for information on their own products!

Say goodbye to ad-hoc, one-to-one distribution of product information. Optimize your data sharing with Brand Store’s secure, self-service approach. Templates give your inriver PIM users the power to rapidly create branded digital storefronts for different user groups. Partners and your employees can log in to a user-friendly, e-commerce-style environment to download product data and sales materials on demand. Updates made centrally in your PIM are automatically reflected in every storefront. It’s easy to configure and amend the product selection shown to each user. Detailed analytics provide actionable data on the product information being downloaded.

inriver Brand Store key benefits

what our customers say

“the Brand Store solution unites a contemporary and intuitive UI designed for admin users with a polished frontend tailored to end users. It stands as a good solution, serving as a self-service product data portal catering to a variety of end users.”

“the new inriver Brand Store solution demonstrates easier setup, an enhanced aesthetic appeal, and increased potential for personalized presentations. Notably, the addition of facets management is a substantial benefit, contributing to a more comprehensive organization. Additionally, there is a noticeable improvement in how associated assets are presented.”

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