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See how inriver Brand Store empowers partners and employees to succeed with data on demand

Enterprises are facing unprecedented demand to share their product information with stakeholders. Organizations using outdated and cumbersome methods to fulfill these requests are falling behind. That is why inriver built the inriver Brand Store: a centralized and secure solution to the challenges of sharing accurate product information with individuals both inside and outside your enterprise.

inriver Brand Store

The ultimate solution to streamline your product data sharing process

No more wasting hours searching for data or chasing down colleagues. With inriver Brand Store, you can save time and eliminate errors, ensuring your teams and partners have accurate and timely product information at their fingertips.

With inriver Brand Store you can effortlessly create, distribute, and maintain digital storefronts for all your product information needs. Users can customize each storefront to suit their intended audience, offering personalized product assortments and presentation modes that resonate with end users.

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest product information: any changes made within the inriver PIM are automatically reflected across all storefronts, ensuring your audiences always receive the most accurate data.

What our inriver Brand Store early adopters say:

“the Brand Store solution unites a contemporary and intuitive UI designed for admin users with a polished frontend tailored to end users. It stands as a good solution, serving as a self-service product data portal catering to a variety of end users.”

“the new inriver Brand Store solution demonstrates easier setup, an enhanced aesthetic appeal, and increased potential for personalized presentations. Notably, the addition of facets management is a substantial benefit, contributing to a more comprehensive organization. Additionally, there is a noticeable improvement in how associated assets are presented.”

Want to gain a deeper understanding of what the inriver PIM, complete with inriver Brand Store can do for your business? Get in touch and book a personalized, guided demo today.

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