Innovadis: inriver to GS1 publication


Save time and increase revenue with this add-on to automate publishing complete and consistent product information from your inriver PIM to the GS1 data pool.

At a glance

Innovadis helps inriver users in making their product data available to their customers via the GS1 data pool. The GS1 data pool is becoming more and more relevant for selling your products to retailers and marketplaces. But having it available and maintaining it in GS1 is in many cases very time-consuming and sometimes complex. But now there is a way to automatically push product information from your inriver instance to GS1.

In inriver your product data is stored like you want to use it in your commercial channels. In a partnership we offer Qmica, an add-on solution to inriver that enables you to convert and map this data to the GS1 bricks that are relevant for your customers. With real-time validation you get instant feedback to make sure the provided product data is GS1 compliant.

Overcoming today’s challenges

To ensure that products can be sold through traditional retailers and online marketplaces, correct product identification is essential.

The biggest challenge in getting your product data to GS1 is making sure your product data is complete, correct and GS1 compliant. On top of what GS1 defines as mandatory product data your customers might also demand additional information, which makes publication of your data even more complex.

Innovadis helps you with the entire process, starting with a GAP analysis. Based on your product portfolio we identify the GS1 bricks that are relevant. In addition to the mandatory product data per brick, we define which specific demands your customers might have, and what extra information you want to share for commercial purposes.

By implementing Qmica, Innovadis helps you map product data from your inriver product information management to the GS1 attributes per brick. The solution offers several smart features like automated matching of attributes based on other bricks. This ensures consistent data publication to GS1 and saves you time getting your product information out.

Key benefits

  1. Save time and money by automatically publish and update product information from inriver to GS1;
  2. Being able to meet the requirements of your customers
  3. Updating product information in GS1 real-time (when updated in inriver) results in higher data quality and more sales
  4. Lower cost due to less manual work
  5. Improved consumer experience and customer loyalty
  6. Increased revenue due to digital product availability


Innovadis partners with Qmica, a solution for mapping, validating, and publishing product data from inriver to GS1. Your organization can make sure your products are available in GS1 faster and with the highest quality.

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