Immeo Azure Cloud-Data Hub for inriver

PIM accelerator

The Immeo Azure cloud-data hub for inriver delivers an effective solution to onboard multiple partners, resellers and dealers of your products with limited spend on integrations and maintenance.

Solution description

Onboard partners and dealers effectively on PIM in 3 months

Spending too much time and effort on setting up individual channels in inriver to support partners, resellers, and dealers?

The Immeo Azure cloud data-hub for inriver accelerates your company to overcome the challenge of onboarding multiple partners, resellers, and dealers of your products. Instead of maintaining and managing multiple channels and formats, we provide you with a scalable solution for distributing personalized product information to third parties.

The cloud data hub is established on top of inriver PIM. The set-up includes an initial MVP implementation of PIM, including:

The MVP empowers your business to become operational on inriver PIM within 3 months with a scalable model to onboard your business partners.

Solution highlights

The cloud data hub features a web portal for browsing and downloading products and a rest API for system-to-system integrations. This enables you to effectively onboard new partners through a standardized API instead of individual channels and reduces costs for connectors and integrations. The information available to third parties is still managed in inRiver, but is exposed and delivered through the Azure data-hub.

The solution builds on top of inriver standard API on a separate Azure instance, which ensure full scaling of the solution. It utilizes standard Azure services:

About Immeo

Immeo is a consultancy firm specializing in digital business development. We provide consulting and implementation for digital services in fields including Digital commerce, PIM, and Intelligent cloud data applications.

Immeo is an inriver specialist with experience from a selection of profiled PIM solutions. Immeo can assist in all types of PIM solutions within both B2C and B2B with quick time to value and customer satisfaction. Immeo was awarded in 2018 and 2019 for best inriver partner-customer collaboration of the year, and best project of the year with Vestas in 2020.

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