How copywriters can embrace PIM


December 7, 2022

How can product information management (PIM) make copywriters' jobs easier and more efficient?

Guest blog article from Ntara

Give your content team the technology they need to write great copy that moves products.

Words are powerful and getting product descriptions right is critical, both from the brand’s perspective and the customer. Whether the buyer realizes it or not, a description can make or break a purchase. The copy needs to be descriptive, helpful and ultimately showcase why a product is worth buying.

Shopify offers 10 key tid-bits on creating the ideal product descriptions, including “focusing on your ideal buyer”. In conjunction with getting the copy right, it’s imperative to have a marketing tool to set your copywriters up for success.

Empower your copywriters with a custom product information management (PIM) view

Copywriters often have one of two problems when writing a marketing description for a product: too much information or not enough. But every organization’s specific needs are different. So how can product information management (PIM) help?

In the below article from Ntara, Senior Developer/Solutions Architect & Developer Manager Dave Norvell and Senior Business Analyst Zach Helbert explain the benefits of a customized user interface for copywriters. Their team has created custom UI for multiple clients, empowering content teams to achieve more within inriver PIM software.

With a custom UI for copywriters, businesses can cut down on writing time, get more people working in the system, and decrease time to market.

Read the full post here: Get your copywriters into PIM with a custom user interface.

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guest authors

  • Zach Helbert

    Senior Business Analyst at Ntara

    Zach Helbert has eight years of experience in digital and has focused on PIM for the last six. As a senior business analyst, Zach works with clients and Ntara's in-house development team to create simple solutions to complex problems. He specializes in fast delivery of well-crafted solutions that help businesses of all sizes achieve their goals.

  • David Norvell

    Senior Developer/Solutions Architect & Development Manager at Ntara

    David Norvell has more than 15 years of programming experience and has specialized in PIM for nearly a decade. Dave is an inriver Champion who applies his expertise to design and build complex integrations. He is also the leader of Ntara's engineering team. David was a founding inriver Champion and was awarded inriver Global Partner Ambassador of the Year in 2021.