Getting products from inception to the digital shelf


November 2, 2022

Improve your product processes to speed up time-to-market and increase online sales.

Guest blog article from Ntara

The business value of efficient product data processes

Do you have documentation of all your product data processes? If not, chances are you’re leaving money on the table. That’s right. To earn more revenue through e-commerce and e-tail, you need to streamline your current processes.

Your teams may be wasting countless hours finding the right version of a “final final” data document. People across the company (in silos) may be doing duplicate work. You may be paying for a software that you don’t actually need. If you have inriver PIM or are considering an implementation, you need to know what it takes to get your product data from inception, to PIM, and beyond.

In this article from Ntara, Senior Solutions Architect & Business Analyst Manager Jeremy Peterson and Senior Developer/Solutions Architect & Developer Manager Dave Norvell outline the benefits of streamlined process. Learn how greater efficiencies can empower marketing teams and increase online sales.  

Read the full post here: Getting products from inception to the shelf.

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guest authors

  • Jeremy Peterson

    Senior Solutions Architect & Business Analyst Manager at Ntara

    Jeremy Peterson has decades of experience in digital and has focused on PIM since 2013. Jeremy has experience in design, front-end & back-end development, project management, and solution architecting. Today, he is an inriver Champion, and leads Ntara's Business Analyst team. In 2020, Jeremy was awarded inriver’s Partner Ambassador of the Year.

  • David Norvell

    Senior Developer/Solutions Architect & Development Manager at Ntara

    David Norvell has more than 15 years of programming experience and has specialized in PIM for nearly a decade. Dave is an inriver Champion who applies his expertise to design and build complex integrations. He is also the leader of Ntara's engineering team. David was a founding inriver Champion and was awarded inriver Global Partner Ambassador of the Year in 2021.