The Product Information Management Landscape, Q2 2023, by Forrester*

This must-have resource is your guide to understanding the evolving landscape of PIM, and why choosing the right PIM vendor is more critical than ever.

This report will equip you with industry expertise for:

  • Informed decision making: In a world where data drives decisions, understanding the latest trends and solutions is paramount. Forrester’s report offers an overview into the world of PIM, equipping you with the knowledge needed to make strategic choices.
  • Vendor selection: With numerous options available, selecting the right PIM vendor is a complex decision. Forrester’s report includes inriver as a multi-tenant SaaS PIM vendor with an industry focus on consumer products and industrial products as well as construction and engineering.
  • A future-ready tech stack: discover extended use cases such as seamless data integration, sales optimization, digital shelf analytics, and compliance navigation. These are not just capabilities – they’re pathways to enhancing your business performance and achieving sustainable growth.

* The Product Information Management Landscape, Q2 2023, Forrester’s Overview Of 23 Vendors

Author: Chuck Gahun
Contributor(s): Linda Ivy-Rosser, Sara Sjoblom, Hannah Murphy, and Kara Hartig

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    Christopher Klumpp, Head of Master Data Management, shares how global brand manufacturer of Swiss army knives Victorinox discovered a transformative solution that perfectly complemented their lean organizational principles and streamlined their expanding B2B sales channels: the inriver PIM.

    He shares how the inriver PIM solution enabled Victorinox to

    • Preserve their lean organizational structure while successfully entering new markets. 
    • Accelerate product launches to stay ahead in the competitive landscape. Transform data management processes, shifting the focus from data entry to data quality management. This strategic shift ensured accurate and reliable data, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

    Discover how Jacuzzi leveraged the inriver PIM solution to modernize their product data for future agility and sales channel readiness.

    “For years, PIM was the thing that got in the way of product launches and updates. Now[…] it’s a critical tool that streamlines our normal processes and allows us to focus on improvements.” —Kyle Blades, Sr. Director, Digital & E-commerce at Jacuzzi

    inriver Customer Spotlight: Jacuzzi
    G2 Enterprise Leader Summer 2023

    If you are an enterprise organization, then inriver is one of the best solutions with many handy features out of the box. PIM is their core business, and they thought of every scenario for every industry. Also, available connectors with different eCommerce platforms is a big plus.