Episerver Commerce Adapter

Reach more customers and increase your sales with inRiver and Episerver Commerce
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At a Glance

The Episerver Commerce Adapter combines the flexibility of inRiver to create rich product experiences with the reach of Episerver Commerce. In today’s online world, where speed and agility are key, creating an optimized omnichannel shopping experience to delight your customers has never been easier.

Overcoming Today’s Challenges

Online sales are accelerating, and your customers are in control. With a crowded marketplace, they have the power of choice. There are more products available to them at the click of a button than ever before. For the best customer experience having an omnichannel approach
is essential. But without the right technology, presenting the right products at the right time across all your touchpoints can be difficult, leaving you and your customers frustrated. Offering a scalable, consistent customer experience to your e-commerce solution requires seamless integration across core technologies. This is where Episerver and inRiver shine.

Episerver Commerce is part of the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud, a unified platform for digital commerce, content, and marketing. It has everything you need to manage catalogs, orders, customer data, and payments across regions. You can combine content and product information and automatically personalize journeys using artificial intelligence. inRiver is a multitenant SaaS Product Information Management (PIM) solution that helps organizations create world-class product experiences that are contextual and relevant, enabling a scalable, frictionless path to purchase.

Adapter Overview

With the Episerver Commerce Adapter, you can sell more, faster. Work in the visual and flexible inRiver environment to create an engaging product experience. Take advantage of inRiver’s merchandizing capability to stand out from your competitors.

As you make your changes, they are automatically sent to your Episerver Commerce instance, using Episerver’s standard import function. For interim storage, the Episerver Commerce Adapter stores all output on a customer managed Azure file share. You decide whether the changes flow continuously from inRiver to Episerver Commerce or a full publish is done. Publish the latest, accurate product content across all your touchpoints when you’re ready. Relax, knowing that with the Episerver Commerce Adapter, you have true omnichannel support at your fingertips.

How it Works

See how the inRiver for Episerver Commerce Adapter works