Are you ready for the Digital Product Passport?

How to prepare for the DPP data explosion and what it means for your supply chain

The Digital Product Passport is coming. Learn how PIM software helps achieve SKU-level data transparency for DPP compliance.

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Time is running out to secure Digital Product Passport compliance

The European Union’s new sustainability legislation is set to revolutionize the way brands and manufacturers produce, market, supply, and trace the goods they sell through the entire product life cycle.

The DPP legislation aims to inform better decision-making at every stage of a product’s journey, from sourcing to sales and beyond. This is only possible with secure, scalable, and transparent product data governance for every single product, part, attribute, and component.

What does it mean for you?  

With DPPs set to impact companies selling into the European market from 2026, it’s essential that brands and manufacturers act now to ensure their products, and their supply chains, are ready to comply with the new regulations — or risk being locked out of the market.

With this ebook, you’ll learn: 

  • How to secure scalable data governance for your entire product life cycle
  • What key questions you need to be asking of your supply chain partners
  • Where you can leverage DPP compliance to expand revenue streams
  • Why so many leading brands and manufacturers are using the inriver PIM platform to prepare for the Digital Product Passport
G2 names inriver an Enterprise Leader, Winter 2024
G2 names inriver a Mid-Market Americas Leader, Winter 2024
G2 names inriver a Mid-Market Leader, Winter 2024

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