2024 US Manufacturers Digital Commerce Benchmarking Study

158 companies revealed all about the maturity of their digital commerce strategy. How do you stack up? 

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What’s the winning tech stack for digital commerce success? Find out in this new study

This brand-new piece of research, undertaken by inriver partner Ntara, explores how leading brands and manufacturers bring their products to market. The report uncovers how market leaders orchestrate their digital commerce strategies, how they use the software that supports these strategies, and how they capitalize on opportunities to boost top-line growth.

Download the study to: 

  • Benchmark your digital commerce strategy against the leaders in your industry 
  • Explore the latest trends shaping the future of digital product experiences 
  • Learn why PIM and DAM are business-critical for digital commerce leaders 
  • See how your business can boost top line growth 

Access your complimentary copy of the benchmark report to apply the experience of leading brands and take your digital commerce strategy to the next level. 

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