Diamir Consulting GS1 Bridge for PIM

industry solution, integration, PIM accelerator

The GS1 Bridge from Diamir enables you to send validated article information directly from PIM to your customers.

Solution Description

Diamir GS1 Bridge is a PIM extension that turns the inriver PIM into a GS1 compliant system and enables you to send GS1 validated article information to your customers.

The Bridge is based upon on a unique GS1 compliant Marketing Model for PIM, that is fully extendable with your own fields and requests. The GS1 Bridge enables you to send article information to customers in over 20 countries directly from PIM, from the system directly.

We validate all the relevant fields of an article and report it directly on to PIM. Likewise, the reports from GS1 is sent back to the PIM directly, to grant you then entire GS1 process from one single system.

Solution Highlights