PIM with digital asset management (DAM)


DAM handles your digital assets. PIM allows you to store, manage, enrich, and distribute assets across sales channels and marketplaces. Better together.

Having full control over your product information is crucial for creating a great customer experience. Basic data won’t engage buyers. To make your products shine, you must add inspiring content and complement that with different digital assets bringing the products to life.

Digital assets can be product images, mood boards, styles, construction sketches, mounting instructions, movies, etc. Digital assets are often scattered around a company, in different departments with different owners. Managing them in one central location (together with the rest of your product information) will ensure that your digital assets are readily available and accessible for any sales channel, at any given time.

Inriver PIM (product information management) is an enterprise software solution that comes with a complete set of digital asset management (DAM) capabilities. With inriver PIM, you can manage and store your digital assets directly in original file formats. Your assets will be quick to search for and well-indexed for fast access.

Inriver PIM will even take away the hassle of metadata maintenance. Digital assets can use metadata from their related products, making it possible to find your assets based on searches like “all images of green t-shirts, for women, in 100% cotton that are available in size XXL.”

Great findability, without any metadata maintenance, is just one of the many benefits of using inriver PIM for managing digital assets.

Automatic publishing

With inriver PIM, publishing your digital assets to the right channel, at the right time, and in the right format, is automatic. You never have to worry about optimizing assets for speed and purpose. It’s already done for you.

All your digital assets can be automatically distributed to all your integrated systems and channels, together with the rest of your product information. This includes images optimized for print through inriver Print and Adobe InDesign®.

Inriver channel management with smart linking automatically keeps all content updated and consistent to optimize sales opportunities.

Seamless image conversion

No need for Photoshop or other applications to convert images. Simply connect the digital assets to the product, define how the assets should be displayed, in which channel, and let inriver PIM optimize the images for you. Your image will automatically be scaled and formatted into the correct file format, tailored specifically for each channel.

The PIM + DAM work flow

Supply – Upload your digital asset files to inriver PIM and generate metadata, automatically or manually.

Enrich – Index your assets to make them easy to control and quick to find according to clear rules, e.g. color, material, etc. Having both product information and digital assets in the same repository makes it easy to connect the digital assets to a product, and comment, collaborate and/or make notes that simplifies the use, re-use and re-purposing of your digital assets.

Plan & Release – With everything in the PIM repository, you can easily search, find, access, define and deliver your products with their digital assets in the correct file formats, at the right time, to the correct channels.

Publish – Automatic publishing of your digital assets to your channels in the right output format will help you get the most out of your media – ensuring that you always have the best resolution for optimal speed and purpose.

Does your organization require a solution for product information management, digital asset management, or both?

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