Cyber Week recap: Fueling success for enterprise businesses


December 4, 2023

In his latest blog, inriver CEO Niels Stenfeldt reflects on Cyber Week 2023 and how the inriver PIM powers e-commerce success.

One of my most exciting challenges in joining inriver was making the right investments to elevate our Product Information Management (PIM) solution to be the industry-leading SaaS performer for enterprise business PIM needs.

The inriver PIM solution has punched above its weight for many years. As a result, we’ve been able to continue to make significant investments to leapfrog our competition and deliver product performance at an unprecedented level. This level of performance is reflected in the results we delivered for our enterprise customers during the peak sales days of Cyber Week 2023:

  • 330 million requests to our REST and Remoting APIs to ingest data into our PIM and share data out to endpoints
  • 3.2 billion requests to our connect extensions
  • 100.000% digital uptime

With Adobe Analytics reporting a record $9.8 billion in online sales for Black Friday (up 7.5% from 2022) and $12.4 billion in sales for Cyber Monday (up 9.6% from 2022), the importance of this level of product performance has never been clearer.

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How enterprise brands win in Cyber Week

During peak sales days for e-commerce brands, two key objectives drive decision-making:

  1. Providing customers with an exceptional experience; and
  2. Maximizing profits and sales by capitalizing on elevated demand.

To achieve each of these two objectives, knowing every interaction that is happening across all sales touchpoints is essential. Of course, it’s impossible to rely on human resources to monitor and track each product on each shelf for each customer interaction globally. That’s why an increasing number of leading enterprise brands are relying on Digital Shelf Analytics (DSA) technology to power their Cyber Week success.

Real brands seeing real Cyber Week results

With market-leading DSA capabilities built into the inriver platform, the challenges of Cyber Week help highlight the core strengths of the inriver PIM solution. Across 10 enterprise inriver customers, we tracked the digital shelf performance of over 30,000 SKUs to identify and report on out-of-stock products, broken links, and other potential issues that might slow or impede a sale. This information was collected with our DSA technology, which uses ethical spiders to crawl e-commerce sites and provide SKU-level insight into any product data issues or inaccuracies.

Aggregating trends across these 10 customers, the out-of-stock percentage increased over the peak 5 days of Cyber Week 2023 (November 23 – November 27). Inriver DSA technology identified an aggregated 7,694 out-of-stock products on November 23rd, which increased to 8,351 on the last day of Cyber Week (November 27). Understanding how products were falling out of stock enabled these brands to adjust advertising spend and other strategies—such as restocking—to avoid sending customers to product pages for unavailable products. This level of rapid response can only be achieved through enterprise-level software that can ingest and process millions of data points at scale.

Workers filling van at e-commerce logistics center

The role of PIM in Cyber Week success

It’s also critical that enterprise brands leverage PIM software that can process millions of API requests at a given time. The inriver PIM solution completed 330 million requests to our APIs to ingest data into our PIM and send data out to endpoints. This allowed our enterprise customers to send product data to global endpoints across markets and capitalize on the elevated demand during this unique time. This was achieved with a remarkable 100.000% digital uptime. During Cyber Week, every second counts, and any technology disruption means money left on the table. Our PIM solution played an unseen but critical role in enabling this flow of data and information from our customers to their customers.

Our journey of improving is far from over. Reflecting on Cyber Week 2023 versus previous years, however, I can’t be prouder of the stability and performance of the inriver PIM solution and its ability to deliver enterprise-level data processing capabilities for our customers. We’re not just keeping pace; we’re leading the way in providing a robust, high-performance solution for businesses.

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