Customer Spotlight: WernerCo

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WernerCo sought a scalable, future-proof PIM to manage diverse data across brands, categories, and regions. They turned to inriver.

Insights into WernerCo’s decision to choose inriver as their PIM provider

Watch Stacy Gardella, Head of Global Marketing Technology & Operations at WernerCo discuss the reasons behind WernerCo’s choice of inriver as their preferred PIM solution

WernerCo is a global leader in manufacturing professional-grade industrial products. Their extensive portfolio includes ladders, scaffolding, and fall protection equipment for professionals. WernerCo is proud of its compliance with rigorous international safety standards.

Operating in 100 countries and managing 11 brands, WernerCo encountered limitations with its outdated PIM system that relied on spreadsheets. They required a scalable solution capable of managing diverse product data across multiple brands, categories, regions, and languages. Customized user environments were essential to ensure region-specific data access.

WernerCo’s journey with inriver

1. PIM Systems evaluation

WernerCo evaluated several PIM vendors, focusing on syndication capabilities critical to their operations. However, many syndication-first providers lacked traditional PIM data structures and a scalable data model necessary for their expanding business.

2. Selecting inriver

In 2020, amidst expansion and acquisitions, WernerCo chose inriver for its comprehensive PIM solution tailored to manage its expanding brand portfolio and diverse product data.

3. The adaptable and scalable data model in action

Inriver’s flexible and scalable data model enabled WernerCo to consolidate and manage product data seamlessly across brands and categories. This flexibility supported the integration of new product lines and evolving business needs.

4. Harnessing the power of syndication

Inriver and WernerCo collaborated to conduct a comprehensive audit of the original PIM system. The results revealed that the initial syndication, with its numerous templates, was unsuitable for WernerCo due to the uniqueness and diversity of its product lines. The attribute levels and details were too variable to meet their needs.

Now, with inriver Syndicate Plus capabilities integrated into the inriver PIM platform, WernerCo can execute precise mapping of primary fields by category and brand, enhancing data exchange with partners.

5. The PIM built for the future

Inriver continuously enhances its product roadmap with innovations such as new APIs, Syndicate Plus, and AI-driven workflows. This commitment ensures that it meets evolving market demands and customer needs effectively.

Key Takeaway: inriver x WernerCo

By leveraging inriver, WernerCo expands its global brand portfolio while maintaining leadership with cutting-edge products throughout the entire product lifecycle. This is supported by a scalable, future-proof PIM solution that grows alongside business changes.

Through their partnership, inriver and WernerCo push the boundaries of what’s possible in PIM, contributing to inriver’s ongoing evolution of a comprehensive product management solution for enterprise and mid-market brands and manufacturers.

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