How a lean organization can navigate market complexities with inriver PIM

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Watch the video to hear first-hand about the tangible results Victorinox achieved with the inriver PIM solution.

The global brand manufacturer of Swiss army knives, Victorinox, discovered a transformative solution that perfectly complemented their lean organizational principles and streamlined their expanding B2B sales channels: the inriver PIM.

To hear first-hand about the tangible results achieved with the inriver PIM solution, watch the video featuring Christopher Klumpp, Head of Master Data Management at Victorinox.

How a lean organization can navigate market complexities with inriver PIM

He shares the following key outcomes:

  1. Preserve their lean organizational structure while successfully entering new markets. 
  2. Accelerate product launches to stay ahead in the competitive landscape. 
  3. Transform data management processes, shifting the focus from data entry to data quality management. This strategic shift ensured accurate and reliable data, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

As Victorinox ventured into diverse marketplaces, each with its unique data structure requirements, the inriver PIM became their trusted ally. With just one dedicated individual overseeing data distribution across global marketplaces, Victorinox flawlessly met the precise data specifications of each sales channel. This eliminated the need for additional hires and facilitated swift product launches into emerging markets.

The volume of work has increased, with the need to enter new markets and manage increased data complexity. The inriver PIM helped solve this through its intuitive user interface, robust syndication capabilities, as well as the ability to empower user roles for both editors and administrators. Thanks to using the inriver PIM, Victorinox effectively handled the growing demands and complexities of product data, allowing them to easily carry out successful market launches. Victorinox was able to complete this with their existing set of employees, better empowered to do their jobs.

Building on their success, Victorinox plans to leverage the power of the inriver PIM even further. Their next strategic move involves implementing the inriver Brand Store solution, enabling direct data delivery to specific distributors in targeted markets. This self-service approach not only streamlines distribution channels, but also empowers distributors with access to up-to-date and precise product information, fostering growth and collaborative partnerships.

Victorinox’s journey with the inriver PIM showcases how a lean organization can navigate market complexities, launch products faster, and elevate data quality management, ultimately driving unparalleled success in the global marketplace.

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