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Customer spotlight video: Saputo

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Watch Saputo discuss their global implementation strategy, placing PIM at the centerstage of their growth.

In today’s diverse business landscape, an effective omnichannel strategy is table stakes. At the heart of this strategy lies product information—the backbone of omnichannel commerce. Consistent and accurate product information enables personalization, influences purchasing decisions, optimizes channel experiences, and facilitates efficiency across the entire omnichannel ecosystem.

Watch the video featuring Benoit Bertrand, Global Vice President for Information Technology Digital and Innovation, and Ugo Galvani, Digital Director at Saputo, as they discuss their global implementation strategy, placing PIM at the centerstage of their growth.

Achieving global expansion rapidly with inriver PIM integrated solution

Gain insights into how:

  1. Inriver PIM becomes the strong backbone of a successful global omnichannel commerce.
  2. The simplified integrated syndication capability ensures accurate and consistent data reaches all relevant sales channels in a timely manner.
  3. The powerful ability to loop back product information with AI-powered Digital Shelf Analytics provides real time performance insights.

Saputo, a global dairy processing company, recognized the power of an omnichannel approach and chose the inriver multi-tenant SaaS PIM solution as a foundational platform to activate this strategy. With its integrated capabilities, including built-in digital shelf analytics, integration, and syndication, the inriver PIM solution kick-started their omnichannel commerce journey.

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