Customer Spotlight Story: Office Depot

Office Depot streamlines workflow using inRiver PIM

Office Depot is a leading provider of business services and supplies, products and technology solutions through its fully integrated omni-channel platform of approximately 1,400 stores, online presence, and dedicated sales professionals and technicians. The company can serve small, medium, and enterprise businesses.

Read below how Office Depot uses inRiver PIM to streamline workflows for creating and maintaining more than 15,000 SKUs throughout their omnichannel operations.

Thanks to inRiver, we’re able to use our product data in different and more sophisticated ways. Our product information is of higher quality and better structure, which means we can bring products to market much faster.

Björn Wiman, E-commerce Manager, Office Depot


Prior to inRiver PIM, Office Depot struggled managing all of the product information found throughout an inflexible ERP system, and numerous spreadsheets and image file repositories. This kept the organization from operating at peak effectiveness and made updates cumbersome and delayed. Also, keeping information synchronized across catalogs, sales professionals, the website and retail stores was very difficult.


Office Depot uses inRiver’s product information management system to efficiently manage their product data. The company has been using the system since 2007 and in 2008, Office Depot fully integrated inRiver into its flagship e-commerce sites. Office Depot uses PIM to streamline workflows for creating and maintaining more than 15,000 SKUs ranging from coffee machines to paper clips. Now product information only needs to be created one time and any updates can be made immediately available throughout their omnichannel operations.


Office Depot employees now spend time on sales instead of product administration. inRiver facilitates a complete automation of their product-information flow, from set-up in the ERP system to producing content live on their website.

It’s significantly easier for staff to maintain printed and e-commerce catalogs by drawing on this central definitive source of product information. The efficiency gains have reduced resource requirements and staff have more time to focus on adding value to customers and partners.

Essentially, inRiver has become an operational linchpin for success.