Customer Spotlight Story: Nederman

Nederman provides a clean solution for product information management.

Nederman is a Swedish manufacturer of products and solutions for industrial air filtration. With more than 70 years of expertise, their clean air solutions help maximize production efficiency, improve work environments and reduce environmental impact.



Nederman wanted to make it easier for distribution partners to do business with them by developing an online store. They did not have a PLM or PDM system to manage 350 products and more than 7,000 part numbers. They needed consistency in layout and content across hundreds of data sheets and PDFs.



Nederman chose inRiver’s PIM system to integrate with Sitecore CMS and U-commerce e-commerce platform. These solutions were combined with Nederman’s ERP system to provide a unified enterprise solution to support sales, marketing and more.



Once the switch to PIM was made, the ability to quickly produce product content and publish to the web was simplified. The company has cut costs by having fewer people manage and process product data. This integrated solution also allowed the company to more quickly and accurately communicate with supply chain partners and distributors.


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We are able to support our partners better with the web shop and this will hopefully create a closer bond with our partners and distributors.

Mattias Carlsson, Vice President of Products and Applications, Nederman