Customer Spotlight Story: La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose styles a new approach to Product Information Management with inRiver

La Vie en Rose, a Canadian lingerie retailer, was founded in 1985 by Harry Kanner when he opened his first store in Ontario. François Roberge acquired the enterprise — which was in bankruptcy — in 1996, to realize his vision of turning the company into an international retailer.

Online transactions were introduced in 2001 and Bikini Village’s 48 stores were acquired in 2015. La Vie en Rose CEO François Roberge intends to replicate his lingerie store success with the newly acquired swimwear enterprise.

La Vie en Rose now boasts 270 stores in 18 countries, including Panama, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Morocco—with 15 additional stores planned within the next year.

I would recommend and endorse this product for any retailer that has large catalogs and very intricate needs. It is such an easy solution and quick to learn.

Marie-Noel Gervais, VP of e-Commerce and Marketing, La Vie en Rose and Bikini Village


The custom applications that the firm had built in-house were being stretched to their limits. They needed to either develop new applications or find a partner to help us leverage the existing ones better. They were looking for a platform that would provide a better user experience and was intuitive enough to allow new employees to come up to speed quickly.

La Vie en Rose was aware that omnichannel retailing was the obvious way to better connect with their shoppers. However, the intricate and complex world of fine lingerie, with multiple shapes, sizes, and rapid and frequent style changes, requires a back-end solution to enable the management of product information and storytelling.

In addition, the marketing team was managing two different catalogs with more than 4000 different styles. There was a critical need to have a tailored experience for each market in which they had stores and to be able to customize the content for each market, while ensuring that all product messaging was accurate and on-brand.


The solution La Vie en Rose worked closely with their e-commerce partner, Absolunet, to explore the critical business needs and align scalable solutions with those needs. It became clear that a Product Information Management (PIM) application could not only add value quickly, but likely integrate well with the retailer’s Magento infrastructure and legacy ERP system.

La Vie en Rose selected inRiver PIM to solve their product information needs because it addressed some key requirements better than competing solutions. For example, inRiver provides the capacity to take two products and establish complementary and parent-child relationships. For La Vie en Rose, this functionality enabled up-sell and cross-sell opportunities that would help to maximize sales. inRiver also brings order and control to the product information management process, resulting in a faster time to market.


The properly configured PIM solution helps La Vie en Rose invest more of its marketing resources on content creation, curation, and optimization, as opposed to juggling Excel files and updating documents in an asynchronous manner.

inRiver PIM also assists with unique regional and geographic requirements, such as tailoring content for specific markets. Due to La Vie en Rose’s ongoing international expansion—such as exponential growth in the Middle East— this is a critical benefit. La Vie en Rose has ambitious expansion plans, so they require scalable tools for both their current and future needs. inRiver has drastically changed the way the company collaborates. While work used to be very siloed, now there is a clear and efficient process.

The La Vie en Rose team has been excited to see the satisfaction from the end-user in a short amount of time.


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