Customer spotlight story: Intermatic

case study

Read how Intermatic uses inriver PIM system as their central product information hub, creating a single source of truth for all the product content across the organization.

Company highlights

Founded in 1891, Intermatic has been a long-standing leader in the energy controls business. Today, Intermatic sells products on every continent and have earned the trust of over 400 OEMs worldwide.

At Intermatic, if you need any product related material, you need to go through inriver to get it. Basically, it is feeding everything, everywhere, just like it should. With inriver, our tech sheets all look identical, beautiful, and professional.

Kimberly Morris, Digital Data Specialist, Intermatic


Having been in business for almost 130 years, Intermatic has seen many cycles of change in both products and markets. Now more than ever, customer behavior is what’s changing more than anything else. Understanding the importance of digital commerce, Intermatic sought new ways to help organize its abundance of product information to meet the needs of modern

When building a new website, the marketing team realized it needed to adapt its traditional product catalog to a new digital format while maintaining consistency of information across all channels.

Product descriptions and instruction sheets could vary between the website, price lists, and the catalog. Without a single source of truth and a tool to support its workflows, it was difficult for Intermatic to maximize the opportunities it saw on emerging digital platforms. To support its e-commerce goals, Intermatic decided it was time to invest in a dedicated product information management (PIM) system. And inriver quickly became the cornerstone of their product information management strategy.


Intermatic is now using inriver to create a central product information hub. Using a fixed connector, a handful of fields are fed from the IBM iSeries ERP system to initiate the product enrichment journey. With that foundation in place, product managers, text writers, graphic artists, photographers, and videographers can all play a part in enriching the product catalog.

As product information is completed, it is used in several places like the website running on Sitecore and the PDF generator that creates technical datasheets. The PIM system also facilitates localization so every asset can easily be translated into each of the four official languages supported by Intermatic (English, French, Spanish, and German).


Intermatic now has a PIM system that is easy to learn, easy to use, and guarantees product information is both correct and high quality. But most importantly, they now have a single source of truth for all the product content across the organization. There are three specific ways that this has helped transform Intermatic’s e-commerce operations:

The process is fast. I just love inriver.”

Kimberly Morris