Customer Spotlight Story: Ejendals

Read how Ejendals created a more efficient process for producing 50 catalogs every 6 months by implementing inRiver PIM.

Ejendals is a Swedish company that specializes in developing, testing, manufacturing, and marketing products that protect hands and feet. Their innovative solutions can protect extremities from heat, chemicals, vibration, shock and more. The company produces and sells approximately 600 products.


The products were previously only stored in InDesign files, making them inaccessible to many constituents throughout the company and not usable for other enterprise applications. Because of the nature of the Ejendals solutions, each of their products requires an abundance of specificity and safety information to be included in the sales and marketing process. Each “ingredient” and raw material found in the product needs to be listed in the catalog. This extended information was siloed and difficult for all of the core employees to access.



The process for creating catalogs became faster and efficient because the inRiver PIM solution is integrated with Episerver CMS and InDesign to produce data sheets in 18 languages. This enterprise implementation ensures that product information is created one time and stored in the centralized inRiver product information management solution, available for use across the company and throughout the other company core product solutions.



Implementing a PIM created a more efficient process for producing 50 catalogs every 6 months. The company ultimately reduced the number of people needed to produce the catalogs and developed efficiencies for printed material.


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Although we create 50 catalogs every six months, we only need to have one person handling them, in all 18 languages. It is really efficient for us.

Maria Bergsten, Digital Platform Specialist, Ejendals