Customer Spotlight Story: Consortio Fashion Group

Corsortio styles product information with InRiver PIM

The Consortio Fashion Group is one of the leading e-commerce organizations with operations in in the 12 markets including the Nordic Region, the Baltic States, Russia and Central and Eastern Europe. Selling under the trademarks Haléns, Cellbes and Bubblerom, Consortio has more than 500 employees. Sales of clothing and fashion predominate but furniture, home textiles, electronics and fitness products are also sold by the company.


The company has long been a leading mail order company of fine fashion. Originally, they had a difficult time transitioning from traditional mail order to e-commerce because comprehensive digital information was lacking. There was not a streamlined process for capturing the additional product information and putting it into productive use. Consortio needed a product information system that could provide them with enriched content for both catalog and e-commerce platforms.


inRiver allowed the company to capture the information one time, in one place and then use that information across many channels, markets and websites. It allowed them to handle multiple languages in a single platform and easily publish the information across all of their systems and websites.


Implementing inRiver has paved way for new business opportunities in new markets. The consolidated product information has allowed Consortio to quickly get new SKU information out to new countries and new markets without introducing a lot of duplicate work.

After integrating inRiver’s PIM into Consortio, the company was able to reuse a large amount of data, easily re-purposing existing group product information in the sales and marketing channels including print and digital. The new product information management system gave the company total control over product assortment and channel optimization while helping marketers better manage their production time.


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We now have an efficient and controlled process where we can handle vast amounts of product information, both for our catalogs and our e-commerce.

Lars Einarsson, Operations Manager, Consortio Fashion Group