Customer spotlight story: Bygma

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Read how using inriver allowed Bygma to maintain a single source of truth and better share their product information across the enterprise and with their external suppliers.

Inriver success story – Bygma

Bygma constructs a new future with PIM technology

Bygma is a leading distributor in the construction business selling timber, building and construction materials and Do It Yourself (DIY) products. The company operates timber agencies and yards, specialist and DIY centers, and an online DIY center and timber yard. As one of the leading suppliers of construction and DIY products in Scandinavia with 93 business units and 2100 employees in Scandinavia, they needed to have all of their business units using the same product information, so they could eliminate redundancies and streamline information sharing.

I would definitely recommend inriver for a company that has a high product complexity. This is where inriver really shines.

Jacob Breinholst, E-Commerce Manager, Bygma


Previously, the company was using numerous Excel spreadsheets, databases and marketing materials scattered across teams to update and store their product information. With over 100,000 products and hundreds of suppliers, there was no doubt that Bygma needed to bring all its product information to one place to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all of the teams in the organization.


Bygma selected inriver for their product information management solution. The cloud-based solution is accessible to all authorized users throughout their many business units. Using inriver allowed the company to better share information across the enterprise and with their external suppliers. Finally all of the product information is in once place, so there is a single instance of the correct information.


inriver helped Bygma completely centralize their product information management flow which has reduced duplicate work, streamlined collaboration and even helped ensure cleaner product databases. This has allowed the team to work more closely together and more effectively communicate product updates throughout their network.