Customer spotlight story: Bugaboo

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Bugaboo partnered with inriver and XSARUS to address their need to improve data quality and eliminate inefficiencies.

Bugaboo improves time to market with inriver

Listen in as Bugaboo’s Global Content and Product Data Specialist, Bart Janssen, explains how inriver enables a “future-proof solution” serving as the first step in bringing a product to the market.

Bugaboo had a great deal of inefficiencies when they were using different systems to host product information. Now, by using inriver, they have eliminated those inefficiencies.

Bugaboo partnered with inriver to address their need to centralize and improve their data quality. They now have faster time to market and work more efficiently. Bugaboo is a globally renowned business that sells iconic designs for the stroller industry. They operate in over 50 countries, with their main markets being the United States, the UK, Germany, and Spain.

Because Bugaboo sells to over 20 languages, it is important to have a good translation tool. This is where XSARUS comes in. The combination of XSARUS and inriver has been vital to their business in regards to planning and keeping a good structure.

All areas of our business that are involving products have been improved because nowadays we have faster time to market, we work more efficient(ly), and have a better scalability because we can deal with a larger sum of products.

Bart Janssen, Global Content and Product Data Specialist, Bugaboo

Customer spotlight story: Bugaboo

Listen as Bugaboo Global Content and Product Data Specialist, Bart Janssen shares their PIM journey