Customer Spotlight: Metagenics

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Global nutrition brand Metagenics wanted a composable solution for their product data challenges. They turned to inriver.

Metagenics’ PIM journey: A composable solution for complex data challenges

Watch Esther Lapham, E-commerce Product Manager at Metagenics, highlight the benefits of choosing a MACH Alliance solution to scale their evolving digital ambitions.

Metagenics is a global health and wellness brand and a leader in the development and manufacture of science-based nutritional supplements and medical foods. Metagenics operates internationally, across North America, Europe, Africa, and beyond. This cross-border footprint allows Metagenics to leverage a wealth of knowledge and scientific insights across diverse markets, solidifying its leading position in the high-grade micronutrition sector. 

With an intricate and ever-evolving product catalog, Metagenics knew it needed a robust, scalable source of truth of product information to meet the growing demands of its internal workflows and global customer base. As the company sought to streamline its direct-to-consumer approach across all local websites, it realized that this single source of truth would need to be complemented with intelligent data enrichment and effective syndication across its expanding network of buying channels. To meet these demands, Metagenics turned to inriver.

Metagenics’ PIM journey with inriver

Metagenics’ journey to a different way of working looked like this:

1. The need for composability

With its digital scaling strategy in place, Metagenics knew it needed a composable PIM solution to meet the expectations of that strategy. This meant finding a MACH Alliance member to ensure the chosen solution fitted within their composable tech stack. 

2. Selecting inriver 

After extensive evaluation, Metagenics chose inriver for its best-in-breed composable architecture and MACH Alliance certification. Crucial, too, was the dynamically adaptable inriver data model, which ensured Metagenics could manage its extensive and evolving catalog of product data components and relationships. 

3. Managing implementation 

Before PIM implementation, various Metagenics departments were identified as stakeholders, spanning marketing, supply chain, finance, and regulatory functions. Post-implementation, these teams benefitted from the single source of truth provided by the inriver PIM, which added immediate value to their daily workflows. 

4. Powerful Syndication 

Inriver’s platform enables Metagenics to deliver up-to-date, trustworthy product information to Google Shopping, Facebook, Amazon, and local market websites. The platform also powers Metagenics’ strategy on Fullscript, a platform for practitioner-patient relationships, in an easy and streamlined way. 

5. Enhanced Product Lifecycle Management 

During implementation, Metagenics undertook significant institutional and organizational knowledge transfer into the inriver PIM platform. This enabled them to replace legacy spreadsheets and optimize processes for new product launches, discontinuations, and discounts, improving overall product lifecycle management.

6. Global Expansion 

Going forward, inriver is already empowering Metagenics to expand globally by supporting multilingual, multi-brand data models with localized fields. The first step is the Metagenics US website instance and its direct-to-consumer outreach to practitioners and patients alike. 

inriver x Metagenics: The key takeaway

The journey shared by Metagenics and inriver has been powered by a strong sense of collaboration. This has enabled Metagenics to break down silos and achieve a comprehensive 360-degree view of their product data. Already a successful collaboration, Metagenics’ plan to introduce the inriver platforms to additional markets will further accelerate time-to-market, reduce total ownership costs, and amplify conversions through enriched product data, delivering a world-class customer experience. By choosing inriver, Metagenics can continue to pioneer advancements in high-grade micronutrition, supported by a scalable, future-proof PIM solution. 

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