Customer spotlight: Jacuzzi

case study

Discover how Jacuzzi leveraged inriver PIM to modernize their product data for future agility and sales channel readiness.

Jacuzzi boosts growth and streamlines operations with inriver PIM.

the challenges

Jacuzzi, a leading global manufacturer of hot tubs, swim spas, and hydrotherapy products, headquartered in California, faced significant obstacles as their business expanded across multiple channels and countries.

With a vast product portfolio of over 20,000 SKUs and a complex dealer network, Jacuzzi encountered difficulties in efficiently managing and syndicating their complicated product data to their retailer network.

Launching products that met specific dealer requirements and various online channels was a time-consuming manual task. The manual process of exporting and manipulating product data led to inefficiencies, errors, and limited scalability, hampering their digital transformation initiatives. To overcome these challenges and support their evolving business needs, Jacuzzi embarked on a search for a comprehensive Product Information Management (PIM) solution that would replace their current system. 

the solution

Jacuzzi sought a PIM solution that offered ease of use, scalability, and ROI. After careful evaluation, they selected inriver PIM for its robust capabilities and ability to address their specific product requirements thanks to the elastic data model.

the results

Working in close collaboration with their implementation partner, Layer One, Jacuzzi implemented the inriver PIM solution, transforming their operations and driving positive outcomes for their dealer B2B network and direct-to-consumer business model.

Through their partnership with Layer One, Jacuzzi successfully centralized and streamlined their product data management, yielding significant results:

For years, PIM was the thing that got in the way of product launches and updates. Now[…] it’s a critical tool that streamlines our normal processes and allows us to focus on improvements.

Kyle Blades, Sr. Director, Digital & E-commerce at Jacuzzi

the future vision

Looking towards the future, Jacuzzi recognizes the importance of sustainability and eco-practices. Their ESG teams will look into how to leverage inriver PIM to track sustainability data in preparation for upcoming legislation, such as the European digital product passport (DPP). This proactive approach demonstrates Jacuzzi’s commitment to environmental responsibility and compliance.

Furthermore, Jacuzzi plans to leverage inriver Evaluate, the Digital Shelf Analytics capability, to optimize workflows and improve product visibility. By leveraging the AI-integrated PIM data-driven insights and actionable guidance, Jacuzzi aims to gain control into product performance, rankings, and customer engagement across all sales channels. These data-driven insights will empower Jacuzzi to make informed decisions, enhance their product offerings, and ensure top visibility for their products.


Through the implementation of inriver PIM and the close collaboration with their implementation partner, Layer One, Jacuzzi successfully navigated the complexities of managing product data globally, resulting in streamlined operations, stronger partnerships with independent retailers, and significant growth in their direct-to-consumer business.

Jacuzzi positions itself as a market leader in the hot tub and bath industry, driving profitability and optimization of workflows.

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