Customer Spotlight: Carhartt

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Leading apparel and workwear brand Carhartt needed a new way of working that streamlined their operations and workflows. They turned to inriver.

Carhartt’s PIM journey with inriver: A story of people, processes, and technology

Watch Melissa Dyke, Product Data Information Data Steward at Carhartt, and Raphaël Iscar Gutierrez, Director of PXM Product Strategy & PIM at Valtech discuss Carhartt’s implementation journey with inriver.

Carhartt, founded in the United States in 1889, is a globally renowned apparel brand known for the quality and durability of its clothing lines. Initially focusing on workwear for manual laborers, over the decades Carhartt has grown into a recognized apparel leader worldwide. Today, Carhartt has a strong retail presence, with an international portfolio of retail outlets, a vast wholesaler network, and a popular and growing e-commerce platform.

Thanks to the growing complexity of their product catalog and internal workflows, Carhartt needed a software solution that made the lives of their employees easier while meeting the evolving demands of their omnichannel, multi-market sales and marketing operations. More importantly, they needed to implement the right solution for their people and processes, alongside the right implementation partner for their operational demands. To meet these needs, Carhartt turned to inriver and our implementation partner, Valtech.

Carhartt’s PIM journey with Valtech and inriver

Carhartt’s journey to a different way of working looked like this:

1. Finding the right PIM

Even though Carhartt previously had a PIM solution implemented, internal teams were still working in spreadsheets and data siloes. Following a decision to move away from this fragmented working culture, the need for a new, unified PIM platform was clear. Inriver was identified as the PIM software that could facilitate this culture shift.

2. Getting the right implementation partner

Before they truly began their inriver journey, Carhartt identified the need to widen their focus from adopting new PIM technology to transforming their entire approach. This realization led them to partner with Valtech, a trusted ally with a shared commitment to innovation.

3. Focusing on the people and the processes

Valtech played a key role throughout the implementation process, understanding that the essence of success lay beyond the realm of the PIM technology alone. Working together, Carhartt and Valtech took an approach that the success of their PIM project was not about technology, but the people and processes behind the technology.

4. A single source of truth

Following implementation, the Carhartt team switched from manual tasks and disconnected spreadsheets to a fully unified, centralized repository for all their product data. This enabled an efficient, effective, and immediate enrichment state, simplified compliance processes, and streamlined operations.

5. Reduced chargebacks

A key benefit of the inriver PIM has been the reduction of manual errors that can lead to costly chargebacks from wholesalers due to incorrect data, missing data, or incomplete regulatory data. This need is made more acute by the ever-changing requirements of wholesalers, an issue Carhartt has been able to overcome with the inriver PIM.

6. Workflows: A constantly evolving platform

At PIMpoint 2024, inriver announced a new workflows capability that will transform the way teams and individuals align their workflow processes. Melissa and her team at Carhartt are excited for the new functionality to be rolled out as it will further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their workflows.

inriver x Carhartt: The key takeaway

Carhartt’s journey with inriver has represented a significant step change when it comes to their people and internal processes. However, thanks to their close collaboration with Valtech, they could overcome the challenges of change management and integration with the support and understanding of a trusted implementation partner. By connecting SAP ERP with SAP Commerce Cloud, inriver and Valtech enabled the entire PXM journey for Carhartt, resulting in a better overall customer experience. Following PIM implementation, Carhartt now has the means to achieve sustainable, data-driven growth, all by letting the people and process design the technology.

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