Centrally Manage Product Information – Connecting CMS and PIM

Buyers are now researching product information directly from a manufacturer’s website. Like end-users, they want to analyze auditory and visual content, read product reviews, compare similar products’ pricing, and configure items together in an easy way.

This webinar OnDemand will demonstrate the importance of connecting your product information management platform and content management system, and beyond, and how you can easily manage your commerce initiatives. Ntara created and maintains an accelerator tool for the connection of .NET CMS platform Kentico and inRiver.

This presentation will illustrate:

  • How the connector works through a demonstration
  • How to accelerate speed to market during a PIM, e-commerce, and CMS project
  • Tips to optimize development time for implementation of Kentico and inRiver
  • How to simplify delivery of product information across diverse channels

Watch the webinar